When it comes to fitness, it can be difficult to keep on the right path. On top of keeping the motivation you need to continue charging forward, there can be traps along the way that are easy to fall in to. At our athletic training center in Baltimore, we’ve seen a whole lot of them.

At the Training House in Baltimore, we don’t believe screaming at people and telling them they’ve made a mistake is the best way to help them reach their fitness goals. Instead, in an effort to keep you going on the right path, we want to make people aware of some of the most common traps people fall into.

Read below to find out some of the biggest mistakes people fall into on their path to wellness. You can also contact us to speak with one of our staff about finding a personal athletic trainer who can provide expert guidance and help you avoid these traps even further.

A Failure to Plan Means You Are Planning to Fail

This is a common sentiment, but it couldn’t be more true when it comes to fitness. Oftentimes the reason people don’t reach their workout goals is because they don’t even know how to get there. I mean, imagine trying to drive from California to New York without any sort of road map (or GPS!). At best, you’ll be greatly delayed. What’s most likely going to happen however is you aren’t going to get there at all. It’s the same when it comes to meeting your fitness goals.

What’s the solution?

The simple answer is, get a plan! Showing up at the gym and just doing whatever “feels right” likely isn’t going to work for you or anyone else. When you have a plan, you not only have a way to track your progress, but you won’t spend your time at the gym fruitlessly meandering through a bunch of exercises that won’t benefit you.

Going at it Too Hard and Too Fast

Let’s face it, we’ve all been at this place some time or another. We start off something completely gung ho and overdo it. Maybe you’ve done it at a new job or even a new relationship.

When you do it in the realm of athletic training, not only does this lead to burnout, but it’s not good for your muscles either. This is especially true if you’re not used to the sorts of workouts you’re engaged in.

What’s the solution?

Give your body the time to rest and recover it needs. Muscle recovery and repair is an incredibly important (and extremely understated) part of the process.

A vital part of this process it to make sure you do proper warm ups, cooldowns, and include lots of stretching. Stretching not only increases flexibility, but it can also improve your circulation and decrease the amount of time you spend healing.

You Haven’t Considered the Proper Technique

We’ve all had our fair share of laughs watching people make up the most ridiculous exercises and swearing by their results. What we maybe haven’t considered is how much that actually hits home.

If you aren’t doing your exercises, especially lifting weights, with the proper technique you aren’t doing yourself any favors. In fact, you could actually be setting yourself up for long-term failure, even injury.

What’s the solution?

Seeking the help you need. It may be in the form of getting a personal athletic trainer or even looking up the proper technique online. Either way, you can’t afford to not have proper technique when trying to achieve your fitness goals.

Swallow your pride and ask!

You Don’t Put Enough Effort in

We understand the temptation to want to see results without putting the effort in. The TV, radio, and internet are all abuzz with ads promising easy weight loss and instant results. However, to get results that actually last, you have to put the effort in.

While it’s totally fine to have some light days, especially if you’re using them for recovery, consistently showing up at the gym and putting in a half-hearted effort isn’t going to get you far.

What’s the solution?

Effort brings results. If you aren’t putting your all into an exercise regimen on a consistent basis, you won’t see improvement. Work your muscles, get your heart rate up, feel the burn, and you’ll see real results.

Relying on the Scale as the Major Metric of Progress

There’s perhaps nothing more discouraging than putting in weeks, or even months, of effort and looking down at the scale and seeing the same number. Perhaps the number has even gone up!

At this point, it can be really easy to want to throw in the towel and give up. The truth is however, the scale doesn’t tell the entire story. There’s a lot more to consider: lean muscle mass, water weight, the time of day, just to name a few factors.

What’s the solution?

Check your progress in other ways. There’s also how you feel when doing your exercises. Is it easier to lift certain weights? Are you less tired after a run? These are all important measures of progress.

So do yourself a favor and rely less on the scale as your primary way of determining you’ve met your fitness goals. You’ll not only feel more motivated, but you’ll have truer and more accurate measurements of success.

You’re Giving Up Too Quickly

A few weeks or even a month is too short a time to truly measure your success. Most people give up on their workouts between four to six weeks. However, it often takes two to three months before your body adapts your new regimen.

What’s the solution?

Keep on it. We simply can’t stress this one enough. If you’ve got a good plan and proper technique, don’t give up. Give yourself time to see the results you’re looking for.

Find A Personal Trainer Who Cares

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