Group Fitness

Our Why

We strive to embody a holistic approach here at Training House in order to better achieve goals specific to clients as well as goals that are more general and pertain to everyone who walks through our doors. We are always looking for different ways to improve the Training House experience and as a first class fitness facility in the Baltimore Area we believe that this approach is the best way for our clients to achieve the results they are here for. In our group classes we are looking to enhance metabolic rate, strength, hypertrophy, endurance, and help prevent injury with functional workouts targeting all muscle groups throughout the week, making for a well-rounded routine. With different workout formats each week and different variations of exercises no two workouts are the same! With each day feeding from the last you will be sure to stay engaged and look forward to the next workout ahead. We incorporate different challenges monthly in order to give you that extra push and motivation you need.

Training House Group Fitness

Machine Maker-Upper Deck

With this Upper Body-specific resistance day you are sure to spike that heart rate while achieving all of your hypertrophy and strength goals. Building lean muscle and strengthening the muscle groups used every day are both imperative when structuring any type of well-rounded fitness routine!


  • 6:00am-6:45am
  • 8:15am-9:00am

Metabolic Shred

Start off your Tuesday and Thursday with an immaculate combination of core and cardio that will be sure to get that heart rate up while burning calories. Using different cardio machines, bodyweight exercises, agility drills, core exercises and so much more you will be sure to build aerobic endurance. The metabolic conditioning involved in this class will have you ready to take on anything!


  • 6:00am-6:45am
  • 8:15am-9:00am


Open to all levels of boxing experience you will learn basic punching combinations and for segments of the workout you will engage in 1-on-1 mit work with Coach los in order to enhance hand eye coordination and motor control. Working on balance, footwork, power, precision, cardio endurance, and core strength in this 45 minute class you will be ready to conquer any fitness goals.

Time to glove up!


  • 9am-10am

Machine Maker-Lower Deck

A precisely planned out Lower Body specific resistance day that will have those legs feeling stronger than ever! A lower body strength day is necessary for optimizing performance and reducing injury risk in cardio activities like running, spinning, yoga, and so many others. Do not miss out!


  • 6:00am-6:45am
  • 8:15am-9:00am


A class for all fitness levels you will be focusing on strength, endurance, and calisthenics to help you build your aerobic endurance through a variety of bodyweight exercises. Whether you are competing with others or yourself you are sure to achieve optimal results.

You ready to push the pace?


  • 8:30am-9:15am

Final Drive

Surge into the weekend with a full body workout targeting muscle groups of the upper and lower extremities. Using different formats and exercise variations you will challenge the nervous system and be sure to get the burn you are looking for!


  • 6:00am-6:45am
  • 8:15am-9:00am

Flex and Flow

Best described as a hybrid day you will be hitting all muscle groups during this workout. With a blend of cardio, core, plyometrics, agility, and resistance training for the first 30 minutes you will be sure to get a solid workout in more ways than one. The final 15 minutes will consist of static stretching and mobility in order to help the body recover and keep you performing at the highest level!


  • 7:30am-8:15am
  • 8:30am-9:15am

Open Gym

60 Minute open gym time blocks dedicated to those who like to workout at their own pace. You are welcome to do the board workout for the day or you can do your own workout!

  • $25 Single Drop-In
  • $150/Month Unlimited Classes & Open Gym

Student Athlete Training

60 Minute Middle School, High School, or Collegiate student-athlete training sessions. 10 athletes max per time slot.

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