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There’s nothing scripted about what we do at Training House! Our elite core of trainers program unique and challenging station based workouts like no other in Baltimore! Our state of the art facility provides the perfect environment for incredible workouts including strength, cardio, and core. Check out our Black Board and Boxing classes offered Monday through Saturday 6AM – 10AM, and sign up for an incredible workout!

Class Schedule

Training House Group Schedule

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Cardio Power (Mon / Wed / Fri)

Led by Coach Angelo Levon, this class is the perfect mix of instructor-led cardio and weight training. Push your limits in this 45-minute class with carefully curated playlists that inspire you to sprint/pedal/row faster and lift heavier.

  • $25 Single Class Drop-In
  • $150/Month Unlimited Classes


Coach Los will run you through his unique boxing class that will challenge your body and your mind! There is no signature boxing class at Training House. Coach Los creates a new workout every class that will work on your stamina, boxing skills, core stability, and strength.  You will learn explosive moves and master combination punches in every class!

  • $25 Single Class Drop-In
  • $150/Month Unlimited Classes

Black Board Class (Mon - Sat)

Blackboard is a total body strength class with bursts of cardio programmed throughout 13 stations.  Our elite trainers program strength and cardio stations that use weights, bands, balls, and resistance equipment to challenge muscle groups and cardio capacity. You can be a beginner or a Division I athlete to get what you need from this class!

  • $25 single class drop-in
  • $150/month unlimited classes

Open Gym

60 Minute open gym time blocks dedicated to those who like to workout at their own pace. You are welcome to do the board workout for the day or you can do your own workout!

  • $25 Single Drop-In
  • $150/Month Unlimited Classes & Open Gym

Student Athlete Training

60 Minute Middle School, High School, or Collegiate student-athlete training sessions. 10 athletes max per time slot.

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