Q: Will my pricing change?

A: No! If you like your current option, you are more than welcome to keep that in place. However, we are going to introduce a couple new ways to pay next week, which you are more than welcome to switch over to at any time. Be on the lookout for that announcement letter.

Q: Will my workouts be different?

A: No! All of our existing coaches will remain an integral part of the Training House staff and will continue to design each of your workout programs. We will also be adding new equipment and toys to provide more variety in your current routine, should you choose.

Q: What changes are you making?

A: We will be investing in the facility to make your overall experience more enjoyable. These additions include, but are not limited to, new locker rooms and showers for both men and women, new performance turf and fitness flooring throughout, a towel service, and new equipment including dumbbells, benches, and squat racks. We will also be looking to add additional staff to provide you with a more personalized experience. Our goal is to make 1500 Serpentine Road the coolest and best gym in Baltimore!