When it comes to working out, there’s probably nothing more important than keeping motivated. Top-of-the-line equipment, the best trainers, a conveniently-located Baltimore athletic training center, and every single other type of modern convenience, will do you no good if you run out of motivation.

At Training House, we believe every member can reach their goals. That’s why we staff our gym with top-quality trainers, state-of-the-art equipment, and fill it with members who are all working toward the same goal: getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to help shape an atmosphere of inspiration and celebration. We live and breathe every step of the way motivation at our gym. We are convinced this is the best approach for all-around success.

In this blog post, we are going to explore some helpful tips on how to keep motivated.

Adopt a New Mindset

They don’t say mind over matter for nothing. In order to keep your motivation up, you need to want to incorporate being fit. This means stop making excuses. We’re not saying this to be judgy — everyone struggles with making excuses. However, if you’re going to take a step in the right direction, it starts here. This means no saying things like “I’m too busy to work out” or “I would, but…”

One of the strongest fuels for adopting this new mindset is to read success stories. When you realize that good fitness is attainable — no matter what stage of fitness you’re currently at — it changes your outlook. Use the success of others as a springboard for your own.

Don’t feel the pressure to instantly change overnight. If you try to shift your mindset from a couch potato to a star athlete overnight, you’ll likely experience burnout which will lead to a lack of motivation. Remember, this is a long-term game so you’ll need to adopt a mindset that keeps yourself going, especially during the toughest of times.

Set Aside Time to Workout Regularly

Once you’ve adopted a new mindset — one that prioritizes fitness — next is putting that mindset to the test. This means changing the way you handle “the daily grind.”

Adjust your schedule to ensure regular workout times are included. This could mean instead of watching that hour of TV between getting home from work and dinner, you fill it with going to the gym instead.

Perhaps your days are packed from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep. We can certainly understand that. That doesn’t have to stop you, however. Waking up an hour early to meet with a personal trainer can do wonders for the rest of your day.

One excuse we often come across is that working out will make you tired and throw off entire schedules due to exhaustion. On the contrary, staying fit increases your energy levels. This will make you more efficient and capable of tackling your busy schedule. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, exercise may even help those who have insomnia.

Set Reasonable Goals

“Set realistic goals that include clear milestones, and as you progress toward your goal, you’ll find a ripple effect occurs and things fall into place in your work, home life, and health,” says Stacy Fowler, a personal trainer in Denver, CO.

Whether your old clothes have “shrunk in the wash,” or you’re looking to get into shape for a 10k, keep your goal clearly in mind. Mark your milestones and revisit your goals on a weekly or even daily basis. As you see progress, you’ll feel all the more motivated to continue.

Again, make sure this goal is reasonable. If your goal is to run a marathon in one month, and you haven’t done a lick of training, you might want to start smaller.

Find a Workout Buddy to Give Support and Encouragement

Let’s face it, we all do better when we’re kept accountable. As painful as it is to have someone there to remind us about our commitments, we’re better off in the long run. Find a friend, spouse, or another family member to keep you going when the going gets tough.

This can also be a great bonding time. A lot of people have formed lasting friendships from meeting fellow gym members and working out together. At Training House, we think working out is much more fun when it’s done together. That’s why we place an emphasis on community and supporting one another in our athletic training center.

Training House Programs and Memberships are Designed with Motivation in Mind

If you’re looking to find a supportive community to be a part of, look no further than Training House. While serious athletes can find themselves right at home in our gym, there’s nothing we enjoy than helping people get excited about fitness, whatever level they’re at. We would love to partner with you on your fitness journey and keep you motivated along the way. Contact or call us today to learn more about custom personal training programs.