A new fitness challenge every day.

Board Training is a series of daily workouts designed by our certified trainers. Come in anytime, choose your level of intensity, and train at your own pace. Start with the basics; build a foundation of strength, graduate to high intensity interval training or test your cardiovascular conditioning. This unique effective training method puts you in control of your own fitness journey.

Board Training also includes full access to our facility and equipment, unlimited group training classes, access to our elite trainers for assistance, explanation, and modifications and a fitness community like no other.

Board Training is available as a monthly membership (no contract) or annual membership (12 month contract).

Board Workouts:

Board workouts are updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, providing members with 12 unique workouts each week to choose from. Our elite training team will also assist with movement cues and exercise modifications throughout each workout.

Blue Board:

Foundational Strength


Blue Boards are designed to build foundational strength while also incorporating loaded and explosive movements, a perfect start for new members and athletes. These programs are great for those looking to build a strong fitness foundation by mastering the 5 foundational movements (push, pull, squat, hinge, brace).  These workouts focus on getting you to feel stronger by building proper technique. These workouts should take 60 minutes to complete.

Blue Board Sample Workout
1 Dynamic Warmup:

A.) Hip Flexor x 30 sec each
B.) Lying Piriformis x 30 sec each
C.) 1/2 Kneeling Hamstring x 30 sec each
D.) Quad Pull w/ Arm Raise x 10

} 1x
2 Circuit Training:

A.) Bird Dog x 10/10
B.) Banded Rows x  30 sec.
C.) TRX Split Squat x 10/10
D.) MB Wood Choppers x 10/10

} 3x
3 Leg Bridges on Bosu x 20
1 DB Goblet Squat x 10
} 3x
4 Single Leg Step Up w/ DB Curl x 10/10
Tricep Cord Pushdowns x 30 sec.
} 3x
5 Single Arm DB Row x 10/10
2 DB Push Press x 10/10
} 3x
6 Single Arm DB Bench Press x 10/10
Dynaball Hip Toss x 10/10
} 3x
7 High Plank Hold x 45 sec.
Running Man Sit Ups x 45 sec.
} 3x

Red Board:



Red Boards are programmed as high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These workouts are time-based and designed to get your heart rate up with short rest periods for maximum calorie burn. Red boards are excellent for improving endurance focused performance training and are designed to increase your cardio strength and boost your metabolism immediately after a workout and up to 36 hours after. Red Board workouts should take around 45 minutes to complete.

Red Board Sample Workout
1 Dynamic Warmup: 1 Round

A.) High Knee Grab
B.) Russian Squat
C.) Heel Walks w/ Scoops
D.) Quad Grab w/ Heel Raise

} 1x
2 Tabata Sets  (20 sec. on 10 sec off) 

A.) Power Jacks
B.) Forward Backward Steps
C.) Dynaball Shuffle Slams
D.) Mt. Climbers x 20

} 6x
3 Circuit One:

A) Heavy Sled Push
B) Box Jumps 12 inch or 20 inch

} 4x
4 Strength Supersets:

A1.) Reverse Lunge x 20
A2.) Rope Waves x 30 sec

B1.) MB Russian Twist x 30
B2.) Cord Rows x 20

C1.) Robots x 10
C2.) High Plank Hold x 30 sec

} 3x
5 Circuit Two: 

A.) Assault Bike (8 cal)
B.) Walking DB Curls x 50
C.) Sandbag Over The Shoulder Toss x 5/5

} 2x

Green Board:

Metabolic Conditioning


Green Board workouts are designed to provide the perfect combination of resistance training intermixed with bursts of high-intensity, fast-paced cardiovascular exercise in order to challenge your body’s fitness training capacity and improve overall endurance. If you are looking to maximize your workout efficiency or to enhance your athletic performance, these workouts are for you.  Green boards should take 60 –75 minutes total.

Green Board Sample Workout
1 Rope Waves w/ low box in-out running x 30 sec
TRX Figure 4 Squats x 10/10
} 3x
2 DBall Burpee w/ low Squat Toss x 12
Bicycle Crunches x 50
} 3x
3 Bike Sprints 45-30-15 seconds
Inverted Bar Pull-ups x20
} 3x
4 1 DB Single Leg RDL x 12/12
10 D-Ball Shuffle Slam x 20
} 3x
5 Split Lunge (foot on pad) w/ curl x 12/12
Dips x 20
} 3x
6 Falls Rd. Run
Sit-up D-Ball Toss x 30
} 1x

Black Board:

Functional Training & Strength


Black Boards are advanced full body strength training and conditioning workouts that are designed to incorporate functional and athletic movements to challenge your body. These programs are designed to enhance your performance through whole-body control in every workout and to engage every muscle in a practical way.  Black Board workouts take 60 – 75 minutes to complete.

Black Board Sample Workout


  • Cable Pulldowns 1 Knee x 20
  • Straddle Box Squats x 20
  • DB Floor Press x 20
  • DB Alt Step Ups x 20
} 3x
2 Cardio:

  • Bike x 10 Calories
  • Row x 250 mts
  • Air Runner (15 sec on, 15 sec off) x 3
  • 5 yd Shuffle w/ Burpees x 6
} 3x
3 Strength: (Outside)

  • Hammer Hits x 20
  • Tank Rope Pull-Push x 1
  • DB Lunge Wlk x 20
  • TRX Push Ups x 20
} 3x
4 Core:

  • Plate Press To Toes x 20
  • Side Plank Reach-Thru x 20
  • Plate Bus Driver x 20
  • S. Ball AB Saw x 20
} 3x

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