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Will Power PT offers sports physical therapy for the elite professional, college recruit and motivated high school athlete. Will Power PT bridges the gap between physical therapy and sports performance, guiding you through rehab and training to reach your highest potential. We collaborate with orthopedic doctors, coaches and athletic trainers to benefit overall care.

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Sports Performance Training

In addition to Sports Physical Therapy, we are passionate about addressing an athlete’s limitations before they become a severe injury. Performance programs are tailored to meet the needs of the athlete, their position and the team’s goals. Our coaching philosophy is to minimize injury risk, improve physical endurance, and remain mentally focused to withstand a rigorous season.

Team training offered in small groups and for individual athletes.

Interested in a Recovery Session?

An athlete’s schedule is demanding. Two-a-day practices, lifting, running, conditioning and high-intensity games. This schedule can lead to muscular fatigue and tissue tension build-up. Take the time to address everyday soreness,  aches and pains. Whether that be soft tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, Normatec restorative massage or vibration/percussion massage, we will get you feeling your best.



Dr. Shannon Will is the Owner of Will Power PT LLC and Director of Sports Rehabilitation at Training House. She is a Strength and Conditioning coach for Loyola University Men’s Lacrosse team.

Dr. Will has treated professional and collegiate athletes in sports including football, basketball, lacrosse, track & field, gymnastics, field hockey, soccer and boxing. These athletes work with Dr. Will to address post-surgical rehabilitation, persistent pain or limitations, and to enhance overall performance.

In addition to physical therapy, Dr. Will is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Performance Specialist. She provides custom collegiate and high school team training based on speed and agility, plyometrics, power, strength, exercise capacity and active recovery principles. She is passionate about injury prevention for young athletes.

Dr. Will serves her Baltimore community through the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, One Love Foundation and promotes healthy lifestyles through partnership with Pure Raw Juice and Juice Plus.

Education: Doctorate of Physical Therapy, University of Maryland Baltimore.
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, University of Maryland

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Sports Performance Specialist (EXOS), Functional Dry Needling Certified (KinetaCore), Blood Flow Restriction Training (Smart Tools), Spinal Manipulation Therapy (American Academy of Manipulative Therapy) Pilates Instructor (Balanced Body)


Information for New Clients

Will Power PT looks forward to providing a superior sports physical therapy experience. Our mission is to help you perform pain-free and reach your highest potential. Individualized treatment plans are designed to improve functional movement, motor control, stability, and strength to recover from injury a stronger athlete.


Before your first visit to Will Power PT, email us below to see if Sports Physical Therapy is right for you.  From there, we will schedule an initial evaluation at a time that is convenient for you. Check your email for a Patient Intake Form. This will help us learn more about your injury and other pertinent medical history prior to your first visit.


Please arrive ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. We look forward to meeting you!

What is the difference between sports physical therapy and traditional physical therapy?

Sports physical therapy is an aspect of healthcare that focuses on sport-specific rehabilitation and prevention of injury. Sports physical therapists treat athletes and active individuals with the goal of returning to high-level performance. Sports Physical Therapy clinics are designed with the athlete in mind, including a turf field for agility and conditioning, squat racks for strength and power movements and resistive bands for stability work.

Do I have to have an injury to come to PT?
No! Physical Therapists are functional movement specialists. We are able to identify limitations before they become a problem. As experts in the musculoskeletal system, we will find muscle imbalances that may contribute to future injuries. Take a look at our Sports Performance Training, where we target injury prevention and exercise progression to enhance performance. 
What do I bring to my first visit?

Please bring your driver's license and any referrals or prescriptions that were given to you by your doctor.

What's the cancellation policy?
You must notify us 24 hours in advance, so you will not get charged the price of the session. This policy exists due to multiple requests for booked time slots. 
What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothing. Ensure that the injured body part can be exposed if needed. Exercise attire is suggested. If you forget, no worries! We will work around it. 

Do I need a referral or prescription from my doctor for physical therapy?

No, you do not need to see your doctor or get a referral prior to coming to Physical Therapy. As Doctors in Physical Therapy, you are granted direct access to physical therapy services. Depending on your injury and condition, we may collaborate with your doctor to benefit your overall care. 

How do I schedule?

You can call Will Power PT at 443-846-5077, email us or stop by our office!

What should I expect on my first visit?

Once you complete your Patient Intake Form, your physical therapist will review your medical history. The initial evaluation is about 1 hour in length and will include a discussion regarding your injury, current physical condition, and future goals. From there, your physical therapist will perform diagnostic testing including range of motion, strength, soft tissue flexibility, stability, and functional movements. This information will help guide treatment selections for the remainder of the visit. 

Will my insurance cover physical therapy sessions?

Will Power PT is Out-of-Network for insurance. Your insurance may reimburse you for some or all of your PT services, especially if you have a PPO. We recommend calling your insurance company to verify your Out-of-Network benefits. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card is preferred.

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