It seems like there are people out there who are always in shape, even as they get older. Nothing seems to
slow them down and they consistently find time to make it to the gym a couple of times a week, even
when life gets stressful. You’re left to wonder, why does it seem to come so easily to some and not to
others? There’s good news though: the secret doesn’t lie in a special gene or magic pill when it comes to
being healthy and staying in shape. Instead, they know that in order to be their strongest selves is to live
by five basic habits:

1. They Follow a Consistent Workout Routine
Consistent exercise is the foundation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle at all ages. The CDC recommends
that each week, adults get 150 minutes of moderate exercise that combines both strength and
cardiovascular training. Think about it, by taking just three Training House classes each week, you’ve
already hit that number. Best of all, you don’t need to figure everything out on your own. Training House
classes provide the key elements – strength, cardio, and flexibility – needed for a well-rounded workout
routine. Let Training House do the thinking for you and leave knowing you’re on your way to be the
healthiest version of yourself.

2. They Eat a Balanced and Nutritious Diet
People who are always in shape know that performing well comes from fueling their body well. In order
to get the benefits from your workouts, you must take care of your body afterward. Prioritize the three
macronutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. Carbohydrates give the body fuel to perform
physical activity and everyday functions such as breathing, protein helps repair muscle tissue, and fats
provide the body with energy to support cell function and absorb vitamins and nutrients. For your body to
function at its best, all three of these macronutrients must be present in your diet in the right balance.

3. They Take Time to Rest and Recover
More is not always better. It may seem contradictory, but in order to get stronger, you need to let your
body rest. The worst thing we can do is to go hard everyday without allowing time for our muscles to
repair. Imagine how you feel and how you’re able to perform in your day when you’ve gotten three hours
of sleep. Your body functions the same way. Overtraining can also make our bodies more susceptible to
injuries. Taking time to rest reduces the risk of injuries both in your workouts and day-to-day life.

4. They Are Motivated and Keep a Positive Mindset
Ultimately, the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is knowing your why, your motivation, and reason
for maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout all stages of life. Even when challenges arise, healthy
individuals maintain a positive mindset. They set small, achievable goals instead of enormous, unrealistic
ones. They also know the best way to stay motivated and positive is to surround yourself with other
like-minded individuals who have similar goals. An easy way to find positive people is to take classes at
Training House. When you’re working out at the gym, you’re part of a team, not a competition. Your team
is there to support you and build you up. Surround yourself with people who want you to be the best
version of yourself.

5. They Remain Consistent
Change creates change, and change only comes from consistency: consistent exercise, consistent
nutrition, and consistent positive habits. Over time, by committing to following these habits, these habits
become routines, simply part of your everyday life. Everyone has days when they’re feeling stressed or
unmotivated – even people who seem like they’re in the best shape. However, when these habits are
simply part of your routine, you don’t have to think about fitting them into your day. They are
non-negotiable. When you commit to this routine, you’re able to show up each day as the best version of