Movement matters. The most essential piece to movement is how it’s being done. Many people are used to hearing doctors or health experts say that a certain amount of movement every day is important. (Usually anywhere between 30-60 mins a day contingent on age, weight and other “risk factors”). Whether it’s feeling back pain while lifting a shovel full of snow or while exercising, proper movement can alleviate and reduce pain that could be caused by improper movement patterns.

Why Proper Movement Matters

Proper posture and movement reinforce efficient biomechanics and when maintained with the right level of control and precision, it increases physical performance while ensuring safety and preventing injury. When movement and posture are not correct, muscles, tendons, ligaments and even bones wear down more rapidly. This process of injury causes pain. However, by not moving at all, muscles begin to atrophy, causing destabilization within the body, not only to the skeletal structure but the metabolic system and other systems as well. This can lead to more pronounced pain, discomfort and/or lack of recovery and increased injury.

Improper movement patterns typically reoccur subconsciously. Most people have no idea that they are moving the wrong way and even when identified, have less of an idea about how to fix it. Habitual inefficient biomechanics are often the perpetrator when it comes to joint and muscle pain. Wearing down or progressively creating small tears in tendons, ligaments and cartilage hurt. Too often, instead of understanding the reason behind joint and muscle pain, people either stop moving or try to push through. Neither one is necessarily the right approach. The best thing to do is to seek help in finding the source of pain and why the injury has occurred. This can be done through a movement screening or postural assessment. Trainers and therapists can usually identify limitations or deficiencies in specific movement patterns or postures.

Once improper movements or postures are identified, it’s important to fix them. The human body is designed to move in and out of specific biomechanic patterns. When done properly it can ensure healthier structural development and more efficient methods of movement without an increased risk of injury. This will enforce safe pain-free movement that enhances performance.

Keys to Proper Biomechanics

  • Awareness
  • Stability / Balance
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Movement

How Can You Discover Proper Movement?

Proper movement can feel counterintuitive for many people who are suffering from poor posture. The body will need time to adapt to a different way of moving by building new neuromuscular pathways. Working with a high-level personal trainer or coach can pay huge dividends in a successful training regime. Proper supervision ensures healthier development and more efficient methods of movement without an increased risk of injury or pain.

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