From losing weight to shaping a body you feel more confident about to training for an endurance race, Americans have plenty of reasons to get to the gym and get a work out in. But with over 55 million American paying for memberships, some surprising statistics show that many Americans don’t get as much out of the gym as they could be. In this blog we’ll explore the reasons why using a Certified Personal Athletic Trainer is the best investment for your wallet and your body.

1. Utilizing a Professional’s Knowledge and Experience

When your car starts making funny noises and blowing smoke or you decide it’s time for a new paint job, you head straight to the store to get some supplies and fix the problem, right?  Wrong! The vast majority of us turn to the professionals when something isn’t the way it should be. When it comes to our cars and our homes we are quick to admit that there is value in paying an expert who knows more than we do. Not so when it comes to our bodies. Despite the fact that most of us can’t remember the fundamentals from our Anatomy and Physiology classes (or never even took them) or explain the difference between the origin and the insertion of a muscle, we head to straight to gym, by ourselves, to go about the business of fixing or improving our bodies and our health. Personal athletic trainers have put in the time and effort to know how your body works, why it hurts, and how to make it stronger, faster, and more flexible, so you don’t have to. At Training House, our trainers carry a variety of certifications to ensure that we can expertly meet all your unique needs and help you achieve your goals. 

2.  Increased Accountability

I’m too tired. I’m too busy. I’m intimidated by the machines I don’t know how to program. I’m too sore from Monday’s workout. There are a million reasons why we don’t stick to our routines, schedules, and goals when we sign up for the gym on our own. Working with a Personal Athletic Trainer provides you with the professional guidance to stay motivated, learn more about how your body works, and maintain focus on your goals. These kinds of benefits are what you’re missing out on when you fly solo on that elliptical. They’re also typically the difference makers when it comes to achieving your goals on time or even at all. 

3.  Ensuring You are Training the Right Way

Proper training is more than just making sure you show up on the right days and doing your exercises the right number of times. As is true in most things, practice doesn’t make perfect- perfect practice makes perfect. Ensuring that an extra set of eyes watches so you don’t use poor form, that you don’t exceed a safe range of motion, and that you get coached on how to fix technique problems will help you get the most out of your workout while making sure you stay safe.

4.  Fewer Injuries and Quicker Recovery

When you don’t have a professional Personal Athletic Trainer monitoring, coaching, and guiding you through your program, you’re significantly more likely to injure yourself. For less experienced trainees there is a whole minefield of exercise related injuries that can occur from lifting too much, using equipment improperly, and dehydration. Why do you think the waivers at gyms are always so long? More experienced athletes still commonly injure themselves by overextending physically and then getting hurt during non-exercise related activities, such as taking a bad step off a curb because of tired legs or aggravating an overworked back while doing chores in their yard. Utilizing a personal trainer mitigates these risks for athletes at all levels.

5.  Getting Better Results

Personal Athletic Trainers have the experience, knowledge, and skills to make sure you reach your goals quickly and safely. If you’re hurt, you’re setback. But injury isn’t the only thing that can slow you down. Personal trainers create dynamic training programs, specialized for your body and your goals, that help avoid common pitfalls like plateauing progress or boredom. Your personal training at Training House is built to help motivate you, celebrate you, and help you own your achievement with the most meaningful and consistent results.

We would love the opportunity to show you why Training House has set itself apart from the competition in the Greater Baltimore area.  Stop by or give us a call to talk with one of our trainers about how we can create a personalized plan for you to meet, and then beat, your goals!